Research and Literature Searching in Sleep (SLEE5005)


Aims: To be familiar with the resources of the Medical Library; to be able to conduct an online literature searches and download the results into bibliographic software; to be able to develop a research plan, including hypothesis development and the choice of appropriate methods; to be able to choose the appropriate statistical methods for analysis and read research literature critically.
Content: The Medical Library: In this module the online resources of the Medical Library of the University of Sydney will be utilised and candidates will be able to use their UniKey account to access on-line tutorials, journal articles, catalogues, Medline and other databases for retrieval of information.
Applied Literature Searching: Candidates will be required to choose a topic for a short review (2,000 words), and demonstrate the ability to search for references and utilize bibliographic software for the management of those references. Instruction in the use of suitable bibliographic software integrated with a word processor, will be included in this module.
Study Design: In this module you will learn about different types of basic, clinical and epidemiological study designs, which may be implemented to answer a research question relating to sleep and/or sleep disorders. You will be introduced to the concept of blinding of subjects and/or researchers, crossover study designs, and the use of placebo controlled studies.
Introduction to Statistical Methods: This module will provide a practical overview of some of the statistical tests and ways of presenting data used in various aspects of biological research, including: student t-test; c 2 test; ANOVA; a priori and post hoc testing; standard deviation; standard error of the mean; confidence intervals; significance; and the differences between types of studies, such as case-controlled, double-blind or meta studies. Particular emphasis will be placed on the choice of appropriate tests for different types of data.
Seminar Presentation Skills: In this module you will learn how to prepare a seminar presentation, including the order of presentation, suggested software packages, and suggested colour schemes. You will learn how to effectively present data to a group of peers, including strategies to maximize audience interest. Effectively answering questions at the conclusion of your presentation will also be discussed.

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~3.5 hours online lectures over 1 semester plus directed reading and independent study


1xshort answer question assignment (30%), 1xonline quiz (30%), 1xexam (40%)

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