Neuropharmacology of Sleep III (SLEE5021)


Aims: To understand how knowledge of the neuropharmacology of a sleep disorder is gained and how this is used to develop therapeutic strategies; to gain an appreciation of the direction of current research into drug therapies for sleep disorders and the problems associated with this; to understand methods used to assess the efficacy of drugs and how to critically appraise trials of therapies generally. Content: Narcolepsy: This condition has been studied extensively in humans and animal models and the neuropharmacology is reasonably well understood. This module examines the study of this condition and drug therapies. Possible Drug Therapies for OSA: The pharmacology of systems involved in OSA is examined and ways in which these might be targeted by drug therapy and the problems that are encountered. Pharmacology and Chronobiology: Drugs that alter the circadian clock (chronotropes) are discussed and their efficacy in treating sleep disorders. Assessment of Drug Therapy: This module deals with the critical analysis of drug effect. The methods of assessment and the ways in which the data is presented are discussed.

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