Leadership Practice and Development (SMBA6001)


This course is about the development of leadership through practice. Ultimately, leadership is about what you do, not what you know. Your effectiveness as a leader is assessed by the behaviours you consistently manifest across time, not by the theoretical concepts in your head. For this reason, our orientation is behavioural: what does best practice leadership look like and how can you get better at doing it? Our face-to-face time will, to the largest extent possible, be focused on building your effectiveness at constituent leadership behaviours. We¿ll do this by creating an environment where you¿ll repeatedly practice these behaviours, receiving specific feedback from peers, coaches and faculty to accelerate your development. These behaviours originate from empirically based theories of leadership. Our intention with this course is for you to gain a solid grasp of these theories before class starts so that we can spend the maximum time possible building your effectiveness at these behaviours during class.

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Intensive 8 x full day participatory seminars and workshops over semester.


class participation (15%), team project (30%), written assessment (40%), interactive skills assessment (15%)

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