Leadership Practice and Development (SMBA6001)


Sound leadership is more important than ever for today's organisations and is therefore a major component of this MBA programme. To date, leadership has not been particularly well-taught because of the over-emphasis of the descriptive characteristics of certain celebrity leaders and the under-emphasis of training and practicing as leaders. This unit of study teaches leadership in a fundamentally different way through training and developing students on specific leadership skills in small groups. The emphasis is on learning by doing so that students receive regular and ongoing feedback on their leadership competencies such as motivating, listening, receiving feedback, team work, delegating and confronting. By the end of the course, students will be equipped with a breadth and depth of fundamental leadership skills which they will be able to apply on a daily basis in their workplace. There will also have a sound grasp of how these leadership skills relate to a body of knowledge from classical and contemporary theories of leadership.

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Intensive - 8 x full-day participatory seminars and workshops over semester


Peer feedback and bonuses (30%), action plan (10%), reflective best self (5%), ideal job summary (5%), attendance, participation and contribution to knowledge base (15%), coaching programming (35%)

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