Coaching and Performance Management (SMBA6111)


Building on the foundations delivered in the core MBA unit Leadership Practice and Development, you will learn best-practice techniques in human performance optimization and talent management, through hands-on and problem-based learning. This unit will deliver a solid understanding of how to improve your skills in individual and team coaching, mentoring, performance metrics and performance feedback and development. The topics covered include the nature of the coaching conversation; ethical use of coaching; how to set coaching goals that align with both organisational and individual needs; how to structure effective coaching conversations, as well as the core coaching micro-skills needed to facilitate employee engagement and performance enhancement. You will also develop an understanding of concepts and practices associated with managing individual and team performance, including performance-linked values, perceptions and affects, performance metrics, goal-setting, behavioural assessment, performance evaluation, review meetings, effective provision of negative feedback, and individual-level performance planning and development. You will be assessed through the preparation of a reflective case study of 'real-life' performance coaching sessions in your workplace, and an audit report on the current performance management system in that workplace.

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4 hr lecture/workshop and/or full-day participatory lectures/workshops over semester


coaching reflections (50%), performance management report (50%)

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