Observational Elective (SMTP3007)


All Double Degrees in Medicine students are required to: (i) complete a 5 day Observational Elective Placement during their undergraduate degree; and (ii) to meet with the course director in each of the three years to reflect upon their progress and to discuss areas of personal and professional development. During the 5day observational placement, students are required to observe and reflect upon how health and well being are supported in society through a variety of means and in a variety of settings. Students elect their own area of study for this unit in consultation with the course director: placements may be conducted in a medical research institute, a charitable organization, a community health centre, or hospital. Each year a limited number of rural location placements are available.. Before embarking on their observational placement, all students must have their project approved by the course director and they must be Clin-Connect compliant. Each student must submit a 'Pre-placement Report' (~500 words) highlighting their expectations of the placement. After completion of the placement, each student is required to submit a 'Post-placement Report" reflecting on the experience, and their pre-placement expectations. The 'Post-placement Report' should be approximately ~1000 to 1,500 words. A major aim is for the student to begin to understand the challenges , both personal and societal of supporting the health and wellbeing of the community.

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