Applied Linear Models (STAT3012)


This course will introduce the fundamental concepts of analysis of data from both observational studies and experimental designs using classical linear methods, together with concepts of collection of data and design of experiments. First we will consider linear models and regression methods with diagnostics for checking appropriateness of models. We will look briefly at robust regression methods here. Then we will consider the design and analysis of experiments considering notions of replication, randomization and ideas of factorial designs. Throughout the course we will use the R statistical package to give analyses and graphical displays.

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Three 1 hour lectures, one 1 hour tutorial and one 1 hour computer laboratories per week.


One 2 hour exam, assignments and/or quizzes, and computer practical reports (100%)

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(STAT2012 or STAT2912) and (MATH1002 or MATH1014 or MATH1902)


STAT3904, STAT3902, STAT3004, STAT3912, STAT3002

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