Statistical Inference (STAT3013)


In this course we will study basic topics in modern statistical inference. This will include traditional concepts of mathematical statistics: likelihood estimation, method of moments, properties of estimators, exponential families, decision-theory approach to hypothesis testing, likelihood ratio test as well as more recent approaches such as Bayes estimation, Empirical Bayes and nonparametric estimation. During the computer classes (using R software package) we will illustrate the various estimation techniques and give an introduction to computationally intensive methods like Monte Carlo, Gibbs sampling and EM-algorithm.

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Three 1 hour lectures, one 1 hour tutorial and one 1 hour computer laboratory per week.


One 2 hour exam, assignments and/or quizzes, and computer practical reports (100%)

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(STAT2011 or STAT2911) and (STAT2012 or STAT2912)


STAT3913, STAT3001, STAT3901

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