Stochastic Processes and Time Series Adv (STAT3911)


This is an Advanced version of STAT3011. There will be 3 lectures in common with STAT3011. In addition to STAT3011 material, theory on branching processes and Brownian bridges will be covered.

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Three 1 hour lecture, one 1 hour tutorial per week, plus an extra 1 hour lecture per week on advanced material in the first half of the semester. Seven 1 hour computer laboratories (on time series) in the second half of the semester (one 1 hour class per week).


One 2 hour exam, assignments and/or quizzes, and computer practical reports (100%)

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(STAT2911 or credit in STAT2011) and (MATH1003 or MATH1903 or MATH1907)


STAT3903, STAT3005, STAT3011, STAT3905, STAT3003

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