Prac. Research Methods for Surgeons I (SURG5001)


Evidence-based Medicine involves the application of current best evidence when making decisions about the care of patients, but where is the evidence in Surgery and how strong is it? This course will provide a step-by-step guide that will demystify and guide students through the process of surgical research. The focus is to provide students with the knowledge, tools and skills to undertake their own research study both within the Masters of Surgery and beyond, leading to research output. It will also provide direct instruction on how to read, understand and fully evaluate surgical publications to enable students to apply the findings to their own clinical practice. The course will cover the following key steps: the identification of study questions, searching and appraising the literature, selecting appropriate study design, determining appropriate outcome measures and methods for data collection. It will also cover issues affecting study quality, such as bias and confounding, research ethics and governance. By the end of the course students will be able to (i) read, understand and critically appraise surgical publications and (ii) develop a research protocol and undertake a comprehensive literature review in their selected clinical area of interest with a view to subsequent peer-review publication.

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10x2hr lecture / tutorials; the course will involve interactive lectures and practical exercises


Assessment will be based on attendance, completion of weekly exercises and participation in weekly classes (40%); and presentation and submission of a written assignment (60%)

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