Prac. Research Methods for Surgeons II (SURG5003)


Increasingly, surgeons are expected to present and publish papers, but little tuition or guidance is provided to enable these goals to be achieved. This course will ensure that students are confident writing and revising papers for peer-review publication and are able to prepare abstracts and deliver presentations at scientific meetings. The key focus is on achieving key research output with the explicit aim of enhancing the CVs of surgeons-in-training. This course will include an explanation of how to interpret, summarise and present results from students' own surgical research studies and include them in abstracts and original manuscripts. Students will be equipped with a standardized and highly successful approach to preparing abstracts and delivering professional presentations at scientific meetings and writing and revising papers for peer-review publication. Other key topics covered include: application and translation of research findings to patient care and clinical settings, an overview of career pathways for clinical academics and funding applications to fund future research studies. By the end of the course students will be confident in (i) writing papers for peer-review publication, (ii) delivering powerful, professional presentations at scientific meetings; and (iii) applying research findings to care of their own patients.

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10x2hr lecture/ tutorials; the course will involve interactive lectures and practical exercises


Assessment will be based on attendance, completion of weekly exercises and participation in weekly classes (30%); and presentation and submission of a written assignment (70%)


Current evidence-based medicine and surgical literature- references supplied

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