Principles and Practice of Transplantation (SURG5022)


Over 15,000 Australians have or will develop end-stage organ failure this year, and this number is expected to grow exponentially with the rise in underlying conditions such as diabetes and hepatitis C. Organ transplantation is thus becoming increasingly important as a therapeutic modality. This unit of study will provide an overview of the surgical and medical management of solid organ transplant donors and recipients. Course participants will also explore the demographics, underlying conditions and co-morbidities of transplant recipients, the role of randomised clinical trials in the management of transplant immunosuppression, and the ethical aspects of transplantation. The major learning activities of this unit will be based around six cases in clinical transplantation.

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The unit is delivered online and will require approximately 10 hours study per week.


Formative MCQ assessment of prior knowledge in clinical transplantation, 6 structured clinical cases: individual answers (60%), contribution to online discussion (20%), major case commentary in final 2 weeks (20%).


Current transplantation literature - linked to online teaching materials.

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