Whole Body Dissection 1 (SURG5027)


The Graduate Certificate in Advanced Surgical Skills (Surgical Anatomy Stream) acts as an embedded course within the Master's Program (MS-Surgical Anatomy) and units completed may be rolled over towards the MS for a total of 24 credit points. A core minimum of 16 students is required for the course to proceed and is restricted to a maximum of 24 candidates. It is the responsibility of each candidate to arrange appropriate cover for any clinical duties to accommodate the course. The program follows Cunningham's Dissection Manuals (ed Romanes GJ Vol 1-3, 15th edition, 1986, Oxford Medical Publications) in addition to Last's Anatomy Regional and Applied, ed McMinn RMH, 9th edition, 1994 (Churchill Livingstone). Candidates dissect in groups of 6 or less per cadaver with a strong emphasis on key areas of surgical (operative) importance. At the completion of each region assessment is conducted by MCQ and spot tests using the College format. There is a pre-course practical test and an end of semester summative wet specimen practical examination (either written or viva voce), which must be passed to successfully complete the course. The candidate with the highest aggregate score is awarded the Sydney Nade prize in Surgical Anatomy.

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Every second Saturday and every Wednesday evening during semester 2 in 2016

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Candidates should email the Director of Postgraduate Surgical Education (pierre.chapuis@sydney.edu.au) to be waitlisted for enrolment. A successful interview is required with the Course Co-coordinator, Professor Lindsay Wing and Associate Professor Allan Meares

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