Whole Body Dissection 3 (SURG5029)


Candidates in this whole body dissection course are required to dissect a whole embalmed cadaver, over 12 weeks, according to the classical dissection methods of Cunningham's Manuals of Practical Anatomy. Candidates dissect in supervised groups of 6, according to a strict daily dissection schedule, so utilising team based learning (TBL) methods. This is a proven technique for teaching clinical topographical anatomy to surgical trainees. Throughout this course there is a strong emphasis on applied clinical and surgical anatomy. Supervision is by surgeons.

There are 34 daily dissection sessions (three per week Mon, Tues, Wed) over the 12 weeks of the course. This will provide a total of 204 hours of dissection experience (6 hours per day). All candidates are required to complete the prescribed pre-reading tasks according to the schedule and are submitted to a weekly formative wet-specimen viva voce examination. There is a final written summative wet specimen practical examination at the end of the course. This course provides a comprehensive whole body dissection experience, which when completed provides a detailed three-dimensional "mind map" of the various regions of the human body, so essential to surgical practice.

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3x6 hour laboratory sessions 9am - 3pm per week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday


Weekly formative viva voce on wet specimens. Summative formal written practical at end of course.


Lasts Anatomy 9th Edition. Editor McMinn. Churchill Livingstone Publisher.
Cunningham's Practical Anatomy Vol 1 - 3. Editor Romanes. 15th Edition (Oxford)

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SURG5027 and SURG5028 and SURG5030

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