Surgical Research and Evaluation (SURG5035)


The objective of this unit is to provide candidates with an understanding of key methodological concepts of level one evidence based studies needed to conduct high quality surgical research. It will cover basic concepts and principles of good clinical research practice and provide the necessary skills on how to measure the quality of care. Key topics focus on how to identify, appraise, select and synthesise a systematic review and meta-analysis. The use of databases and registries and how to best present statistical analysis and summarise data. This unit will provide candidates with the skills to measure the quality of surgical care as well as evaluate surgical performance and measures of effects. Candidates will be able to critically appraise published statistics and learn to identify publication bias before applying the findings to their own clinical practice.

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Weekly online lectures and tutorial discussion board over 12 weeks (The unit will be delivered online)


On-line short answer questions cover the knowledge acquired. Each set of questions must be completed and submitted by the due date and before students proceed to the next module. Answers to each module will contribute (30%) to the final score of the unit. A written assignment will also contribute (70%).


Notes will be linked to online teaching material.

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It would be helpful if candidates have completed Introductory Biostatistics PUBH5018

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