Surg Research: Translation and Innovation (SURG5036)


The objective of this unit is to introduce candidates to the basic concepts of innovation. Participants will be able to identify and evaluate surgical innovation as well as focus on the methodological and practical challenges to rigorous surgical research. Candidates will be have the skills to design and complete level one evidence based research in surgery with a key focus on randomised and non-randomised controlled trials. The course will evaluate the complexity of surgical innovation and how to identify related factors influencing outcome. Candidates should be able to identify challenges facing the surgical research community when performing an evaluation of a therapeutic, procedure-based intervention. How to pinpoint the issues and deconstruct these into constituent methodological parts such that several important areas will be targeted for developing a systematic process that would guide appropriate, evidence based surgical practice. Ethical aspects in research and innovation will be addressed and the process of translational research will be reviewed. Other broad topics will focus on surgical oncology and survival analysis; evaluating performance when measuring the value of surgical research and the key concepts in diagnostic tests and accuracy in surgery.

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1x1 hr lec and 1x1 hr tut/wk over 10 weeks (The unit will be delivered on line)


On-line short answer questions cover the knowledge acquired. Each set of questions must be completed and submitted by the due date and before students proceed to the next module. Answers to each module will contribute (40%) to the final score of the unit. A written assignment will also contribute (60%).


Notes will be linked to online teaching material.

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