Research Project B (SUST5008)


Students in teams of 2-4 members propose a research enquiry (possibly based on their employment). Ideally, students work in teams (although this may depend on any IP constraints of their employers). The project is multidisciplinary and should cover at least 2 sustainability theme areas (such as energy, health, development, environment) and be approved by the Unit Coordinator. The Unit Coordinator will appoint an academic mentor for each group from among the relevant researchers in the University. Students will keep a diary/log of their activities, to be submitted for assessment at the end of semester.

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Regular meetings at times by agreement with mentor


Combination of 3 written reports, 3 presentations, diary/log, meeting attendance (100%)

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Any 36 credit points of the following: SUST5001, SUST5002, SUST5003, SUST5004, SUST5005, SUST5006, PHYS5031



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