Studio Theory Media Arts E (THAP3421)


This Unit of Study is split into two areas: Photomedia; Film and Digital Art.

In this studio we will primarily focus on key aspects of photomedia in relation to contemporary art theories and practices. Emphasis will be placed on exploring photography's "discursive spaces", and developing a more complex understanding of the role between theory and praxis. In particular, we will examine how individual practices contribute and respond to issues of globalisation, cultural memory and identity, and new technologies.

Film and Digital Art
The Virtual Subject in Postmodern Culture Part 1: In this studio we will examine the historical, cultural and theoretical frameworks of the virtual in late-capitalist digital media culture. The student will be introduced to contemporary debates concerning the evolution of the virtual in today's audiovisual culture from modernism to recent times. Students will be encouraged to examine the shifting complexities of the virtual in cultural and media theory and their implications for their own art practice.

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Lecturer and directed contact over 12 weeks, plus self-directed study; total student effort of 60 hrs


Assessment is based on successful completion of written and or/seminar assignments (100%)


Campany, David. (ed.). The Cinematic: Documents of Contemporary Art, London/Cambridge: Mass.: Whitechapel & MIT Press, 2007.
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Wallis, Brian. (ed.). Blasted Allegories: An Anthology of Writings by Contemporary Artists, New York: New Museum of Contemporary Art & Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1993 (1987).

Film and Digital Art
Scott Bukatman, Terminal Identity, Duke University Press, 1993.
John Conomos, Mutant Media, Sydney, Artspace/Power Publications, 2008.
Lev Manovich, The Language of New Media, Cambridge, Mass., MIT Press, 2002.

Film and Digital Art

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