Studio Theory Object Art and Design E (THAP3441)


Locating Practice. This Unit of Study is split into three areas: Ceramics; Glass; Jewellery and Object. The unit of study explores the notion on 'inter-disciplinary' practice, what it might mean and entail through various readings on contemporary art and craft practice. Students will be asked to explore the many and varied fields of interest a practitioner may be engaging with. Throughout the unit students will be expected to be critically analysing what their own area of continuing research within their own practice may be. Please note due to changes in class sizes course content may be modified. Glass Contemporary studio glass engages with a wide variety of materials and processes. We will expand the dialogue in respect of the interdisciplinary nature inherent in this activity. Through discussion on appropriate genres, styles, syntax and classification, methodologies for articulating and critiquing practice will be explored. Ceramics The focus in this studio will be to consolidate the learning outcomes of previous TEO units undertaken in first and second year and to provide a framework for the student studying ceramics to situate their practice within an expanded field of contemporary art practice. This will be achieved through critical examination and analysis of the processes and strategies used by the contemporary ceramicist and the theoretical dialogue that informs and surrounds their work. A range of issues relevant to contemporary practice will be addressed including: the affects of new technologies on the production of the physical object; globalisation and the survival of the studio ceramics movement; cross cultural production and the status of craft today; where am I? - an investigation of the ways contemporary ceramicists engage in interdisciplinary and hybrid praxis across traditional visual art disciplines, the humanities and sciences. Jewellery and Object In this studio we will expand the dialogue in respect to the interdisciplinary nature inherent in the Jewellery and Object studio. Through investigation of genres, styles, syntax and classification, methodologies for articulating and critiquing practice will be explored.

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Lecturer and directed contact over 12 weeks, plus self-directed study; total student effort of 60 hrs.


Assessment is based on successful completion of written and or/seminar assignments (100%).


Glass Roland Barthes, The language of fashion, Power Publications, 2006. Marie Mulvey-Roberts: The handbook to Gothic literature New York University Press, 1998. Ceramics Clark, Garth (ed.) Ceramic Millennium: critical writings on ceramic history, theory

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