US Studies Internship (USSC2605)


This unit will be taken by students accepted into the United States Studies Centre's internship program. Students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to real-world problems through a unique internship placement in an American-based or affiliated business, government or non-government organisation located in Australia or the US. The unit provides academic support for students to discuss and refine research approaches and questions about issues arising from the placement. Assessment includes a reflective journal and research essay, based on the internship experience.

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Minimum 140 working hours, with academic supervision (small group, face-to-face meetings with USSC staff every 2-4 weeks, dependent on actual internship hours and type of placement)


1x2500wd research essay (50%), 1x1500wd reflective journal (40%), 1x500wd oral (10%)

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At least one of USSC2601, USSC2602, USSC2603, USSC2604

Additional Information

US citizens cannot be placed in an US Consulate General internship.

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