Animal Bioscience (VETS1018)


The interaction of organic molecules, facilitated by cellular structure and driven by the ability to harness energy from the environment, constitutes the basis of life. The co-ordination and facilitation of these events is due primarily to proteins, which fulfill a variety of roles including the catalysis of chemical reactions (enzymes), as cell structural components and in the transport of signals and solutes. The blueprints for the myriad of protein structures and hence cellular function are stored in the cell nucleus in the form of DNA, as a series of information-carrying segments, or genes.
It is the co-ordinated expression of these genes and the mechanisms that enable the genetic code to be read and interpreted which form the basis of Cell Biology 1B. Of similar importance are the processes of DNA copying for the duplication of cells (mitosis/meiosis) and how these processes may be manipulated to diagnose or alleviate disease (recombinant DNA technology, DNA diagnosis, molecular immunology, cancer etc).
To gain an understanding of the underlying cellular and biochemical principles of disease, therapy and performance of animals and to depict the relevance of these fundamental cellular processes in an applied veterinary and animal science context is also a major goal of Cell Biology 1B.

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33 hours of lectures per semester, 9 hours of practicals per semester, 1 hour tutorial per semester


Group Learning Activity (15%), Mid Semester Exam (25%), Final exam (60%)


VETS1018 Animal Bioscience Unit of Study Guide and Practical manual

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 6cp from (VETS1032, BIOL1XXX)

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