Animal Husbandry 1A (VETS1030)


The aim of this unit is to introduce students to management of some of the standard animals in the BVSc program (dogs, cats, horses, cattle, birds, pigs), as well as "pocket pets". Animal Husbandry includes housing, handling, and basic aspects of nutrition of animals. The structure of the relevant production animal industries will be described. The physical characteristics of the breeds are included, as well their roles as production and companion animals. Ways in which animal welfare can be managed by producers and companion animal owners will be discussed. The pig and poultry industries in Australia are described, and production of meat and eggs is outlined. Aviary bird breeds and their management are also included. A library class in Information Source Evaluation is also provided. A series of practical classes in animal handling is administered, using small animals, pigs, cattle and horses.

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lectures: 40 hrs practicals: 45 hrs


intra-semester: 3 x assessments MCQ (30%), 1 x pig handling practical assessment (5%) end-of-semester: 1 x 2 hr examination (65%) other: Non-barrier assessment of small animal handling. Practical field work: Camden Campus


Reference Books: Huntington P. Myers J. Owens E. Horse sense: the guide to horse care in Australia and New Zealand. Collingwood: Landlinks Press 2004 Gardner JAA. et al. ed. Pig Production in Australia. 2nd edn. Butterworths 1990 Houghton-Brown J. Powell

Practical work

Camden Campus

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