Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology 2A (VETS2011)


This unit has been designed to extend knowledge obtained during Year 1 units in Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology and explore some mechanisms of animal dysfunction. It deals with nervous system structure and function, integument, thermoregulation and aging processes, and anatomy, physiology and histology of common domestic bird species, with emphasis on the chicken.
The unit focuses on the nervous system, how changes in structure and function cause dysfunction, and the development of skills used to recognise normal and abnormal animals. Students will learn through dissection and problem solving. They will be assessed on their ability to apply and use their knowledge, and the development of generic skills. Students will learn how neural function is determined by neural structures and their connections. Students will apply the principles covered in these topics to examine, describe, interpret and explain how animals perceive their environment, process and store information, and respond with voluntary and involuntary activities. The primary focus will be on normal animals, although specific lesions will be used to demonstrate the role of components of the nervous system in normal function. The skills and knowledge acquired during this unit will be further developed in units of study in later years of the course and will provide a basis for analysis of animals with abnormal neurological function in medicine.
The unit also covers avian anatomy and physiology, and the structure and role of the integument, as well as the normal processes of aging and thermoregulation. Tutorials and formative assessments on Blackboard will assist learning.

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lectures: 43 hrs; practicals: 30 hrs; tutorials: 15 hrs


intra-semester: 1 x 45 min assessment (20%) end of semester: 1 x 90 min exam (35%) other: 1 x group work assessment (20%); 1 x 40 min practical exam (25%)


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Veterinary Science Year 1

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