Veterinary Biometry (VETS2021)


This Unit of Study presents an introduction to those aspects of statistics that are relevant to veterinarians. It covers biological variability; descriptive statistics (numerical and graphical summaries); probability concepts; samples and populations; the normal distribution; hypothesis tests (one-and two-sample tests); confidence intervals; analysis of variance; regression and correlation; experimental design (basic principles, specific design types); and contingency tables. Extensive use is made of the statistical package Minitab.

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lectures: 26 hrs; practicals: 13 hrs


4 x quizzes (30%); Assignment: 3 parts (30%); Final Exam: 1 x 1hr open book (40%)


VETS2021 Unit of Study Handbook Petrie A. Watson P. Statistics for Veterinary and Animal Science. 2nd edn. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell 2006 Reference Books: Additional references for Biometry are included in the VETS2021 Unit of Study Handbook

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

Assumed knowledge: HSC Mathematics

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