Veterinary Clinical Pathology (VETS3243)


Veterinary Clinical Pathology involves the application of pathological, biochemical, haematological, microbiological and parasitological techniques and test results to clinical aspects of veterinary science. Special attention, throughout the course, is given to the application and interpretation of tests used in the diagnosis, prognosis and management of clinical disease through case report analysis. Material on disease is provided for companion and farm animals as well as wildlife. This course builds on Veterinary Pathology, Veterinary Microbiology, and Veterinary Parasitology; integrates horizontally with Small Animal Medicine and Animal Disease taught within the same semester; and prepares students for both small animal practice and large animal health and production and clinical practice.

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lectures: 36 x 1hr
practical/tutorials: 6 x 2 hrs


intra-semester: Tutorial / practical evaluation (10%), 1 x 1hr open book written exam (20%)
end of semester: 1 x 2hr open book written exam (70%)


VETS3243 Unit of Study Guide and Blackboard site contain detailed information and notes for Veterinary Clinical Pathology.
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Satisfactory completion of semesters 1 to 5 of the BVSc

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