Large Animal Health and Production 2 (VETS4233)


Large Animal Health and Production 2 is aimed at developing deep learning approaches to solving problems of ruminant (mainly bovine, but also ovine and caprine) production, and equine medicine and reproduction. In addition to lectures, tutorials and practical classes, it uses a case-based approach to deliver group case studies on-line for student presentations, known as TILHAP's (teaching innovations in livestock health and production). These cases require integration of pathological and epidemiological investigative skills to provide evidence based solutions in the management of disease and productivity problems in a 'whole farm' setting. The course is designed to advance student learning in preparation for the intramural and extramural clinical placements encountered in final year. The practical classes will continue to build the confidence of students in handling large animals in rural mixed and public practice settings.

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lectures: 23 hrs Camden Campus; practical classes: 47 hrs Camden Campus; other: 8 hrs TILHAPS


intra-semester: 1 x Examination (35%); end of semester: 1 x Examination (55%); other: TILHAPS (10%), practical examinations x 3. Students must achieve a pass (50% or greater final mark) in both the ruminant and equine theory components of VETS4233 to satisfactorily pass the unit of study.


VETS4233 Large Animal Health and Production 2 unit of study guide. Blackboard contains detailed information and notes.
Equine Clinical Medicine, Surgery and Reproduction. Munroe G. Weese S. (eds) Manson. 2011

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Satisfactory completion of BVSc Years 1 to 3 and semester 1, Year 4 and VETS4135 Large Animal Health & Production 1

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