Rural Public Practice Extramural (VETS5358)


This unit of study involves a month rotation with a public agency or company involved in servicing the rural industries and communities and supporting the food and fibre sector. In Australia, the majority of placements are with the Livestock Health and Pest Authorities (LHPA) of NSW or other state government Department of Primary Industry (DPI), Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF), CSIRO or other Faculty approved livestock health and production agency, including research and diagnostic laboratories. Pre-approved overseas locations are encouraged, particularly for international students in their home state or country or students keen to work in developing countries. The rotation enables practical experience of veterinary public health and builds applied knowledge of livestock production industries acquired in semester 8, particularly in herd management and health, legislation and quarantine, food production and hygiene, disease control and prevention, animal welfare and relevant basic and clinical science disciplines. Student interns will be under the supervision of District Veterinarians, Veterinary Officers or their equivalent and involved in ongoing projects including the implementation of regional animal health plans, applied research activities, or veterinary surveillance, extension and regulatory programs. Student interns are expected to fully participate in agreed activities whilst attending this placement, typically taking on the role and schedule of a full time supervised veterinary associate. During the rotation, students are required to complete a Written report (approximately 3,000 words, a Reflective Journal (approximately 500 words) both submitted via eLlearning/Blackboard and undertake a Communication Task (under local supervision). The topics for these are to be negotiated with host DV, VO, or Officer incharge who may suggest relevant local issues for these tasks. In consultation with the local supervisor students may also consult with the UoSC for selection of topics. Examples of communication task could include active participation in field days, media releases, educational pamphlets or information handouts, radio interviews, phone surveys, and short training sessions or demonstrations to a target livestock industry stakeholder group, such as livestock farmers (for further details of the Unit of Study refer to Veterinary Student Internship Program Extramural Rotations Unit of Study Guide.

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practicals: 18-day practicum


intrasemester: Assignment/s; Supervisor Report (S/U); Written Report (S/U); Communication Task (S/U); Reflective Journal (S/U)


VETS5358 Rural Public Practice Extramural Unit of Study Guide. Blackboard contains detailed information & notes.

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BVSc Years 1-4



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