Veterinary Epidemiology I (VETS7004)


After completing the Veterinary Epidemiology I unit students will be able to- discuss epidemiology and the work of epidemiologists in relation to other disciplines; apply the concepts of epidemic theory and herd immunity appropriately to animal disease control issues; contribute to investigations of disease outbreaks and low productivity in animal populations; calculate and interpret the measures of disease frequency and measures of association; select an appropriate epidemiological study design for a specific research question; identify and minimise sources of bias and error in study designs; select appropriate diagnostic tests and interpret their results (at individual and herd level).

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Online (Sem 1, weeks 8-14)


Participation in online class (15%), Group assignment (35%), Quiz (10%), Individual report (40%)


Veterinary Epidemiology Thrusfield, M. 3E06, 2007 Blackwell Science, Oxford, UK.
Veterinary Epidemiologic Research Dohoo, I., Martin, W. and Stryhn, H. 2nd edition (2009) AVC, Canada

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