Data Analysis for Policy Making (VETS7011)


In this course, students will work with existing data. Issues of developing a study design will not be dealt with. students will however consider the impact of a particular study design on the interpretation of the data generated. after studying this unit students will be able to: identify potential sources of data and their strengths and weaknesses; identify and apply appropriate descriptive and analytical and statistical methods for different purposes; perform some analysis on data using commonly available software programs; Identify and manage potential bias and confounding in data; describe and interpret the results of data analysis; incorporate the outcomes of data analysis in policy development.

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Online (Semester 2 Weeks 1-7)


Participation in weekly online discussions and learning activities (15%); individual assignment (85%)


Veterinary Epidemiology Thrusfield, M. 3E06, 2007 Blackwell Science, Oxford, UK.
Epidemiological Problem Solving. Sergeant ESG. Cameron A. Baldock FC 2004.
Survey Toolbox for Livestock Diseases. Cameron A. 1999 Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, Canberra.

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