Wildlife Epidemiology (VETS7012)


After studying the Wildlife Epidemiology unit, you will be able to: Apply epidemiological concepts to wildlife populations. Explain the concept of disease ecology. Discuss issues relevant to disease determination in wildlife populations and explain the associated diagnostic challenges. Discuss alternate study methodologies and design a valid observational study for a wildlife population. Discuss design and analysis issues relevant to wildlife disease studies. Identify sources of wildlife animal health data and discuss wildlife health information systems. Critically review published literature on wildlife disease studies.
This unit is offered in alternate years to VETS7014 Aquatic Animal Epidemiology.

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Online (Semester 1 Weeks 8-14)


Individual assignment (45%); Group assignment (40%); Participation (15%).


Thrusfield M. Veterinary Epidemiology. 3rd Edition. Oxford: Blackwell Science 2007
Dohoo I. Martin W. Stryhn H. Veterinary Epidemiologic Research. Charlottetown PEI: University of Prince Edward Island 2nd Edition 2009

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