Food Safety (VETS7017)


After completing Food Safety participants will be able to describe the respective roles and recent initiatives in food safety of the various government and industry organisations that make up the global, national and regional regulatory system for the safety of food of animal origin; Describe and critically analyse the key elements in food safety risk assessment and management and critically apply this to the analysis of a total quality management food safety system; Describe the critical aspects of the epidemiology, pathogenesis, management and prevention of the well-recognised bacterial food-borne pathogens; Identify emerging food-borne pathogens of animal origin and describe the critical aspects of the epidemiology that make them a particular public health concern; Describe the principles used in newer microbiological diagnostic tests and their application in food safety programs; Discuss the elements required for an effective national antimicrobial resistance management program; List the potential sources of and critically assess the potential public health threats posed by the presence of natural toxins and environmental contaminants in food of animal origin.

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Online (Sem 1, weeks 1 - 7)


Participation in weekly online discussions and learning activities (15%); group assignment (40%); individual assignment (45%).


Torrence M. E. and Isaacson R.E. (eds) (2003) Microbial Food Safety in Animal Agriculture Current Topics, Iowa Stat Press, Ames, Iowa, USA.

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