Data Analysis for Epidemiology Research (VETS7021)


This Unit of Study, delivered by distance education using an online classroom, will use four case studies to introduce students to the application of three statistical procedures (linear regression, logistic regression, survival analysis) in epidemiological research for animal health and public health. Approaches to account for the impact of confounding, effect modification and clustering suitable for these statistical procedures will be discussed. After completing this unit, students will be able to: identify an appropriate statistical method for testing associations with a categorical and a continuous outcome; conduct descriptive and univariable regression analyses using standard statistical software; build multivariable linear and logistic models for measuring association of a variable with an outcome after accounting for other variables and confounders; interpret the output of regression analyses from standard statistical software and present the results in research papers and project reports; evaluate statistical results presented in epidemiology journals (such as Preventive Veterinary Medicine) and identify clustering in epidemiological data and have basic skills to account for clustering while analysing hierarchical data.

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Online (Sem 2, weeks 8-14)


Participation in online discussions (15%), 2 Written assignments (85%)


Veterinary Epidemiologic Research Dohoo, I., Martin, W. and Stryhn, H. 2nd edition (2009) AVC, Canada

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