Leadership, People and Organisations (VETS7025)


The Leadership, People and Organisations unit will aim to raise awareness of the need for leadership and management skills amongst veterinary public health professionals. Through experiential learning activities, group case study analysis and scenario based problem-solving activities, students will identify how they can develop effective management and leadership skills at the residential session. In the online classroom, students will use independent study and group learning to further explore aspects of leadership and working successfully within organisations.
After completing the Leadership, People and Organisations unit, students will be able to: explain the importance and principles of leadership in the context of animal health management and veterinary public health: discuss aspects of leadership such as personality, intelligence, values, cultural differences, motivations, self efficacy and perception: identify their own skill requirements: use and explain the principles of action learning: explain the effects of group dynamics in work teams: discuss how power and influence impact on success at work: analyse and develop their own leadership skills: explain how work design can affect organizational and team success: discuss organizational behaviour and culture: recommend strategies to transform organizations.

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Residential and Online.
5-day Residential session in February, Online classes (Semester 1, 1-14)


Residential (10%), Learning Journals (40%) Online participation (20%), Group Assignment (30%)


Organisational Behaviour: Emerging Knowledge. Global Insights. McShane, S., Olekalns, M & Travaglione, T 2013 4 Ed, McGraw Hill Australia Pty Limited: North Ryde: Australia

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