Diagnostic Laboratory Techniques (VETS9050)


This Unit of Study focuses on components that allow a diagnostic veterinary laboratory to provide quality information for the purposes of diagnosis and prognosis. There will be opportunities to understand specimen handling and processing, safety in the laboratory, diagnostic instrumentation, aspects of quality control and assurance for laboratory results, and the establishment and use of reference ranges. Students will be exposed to the theory and practice of a wide range of diagnostic techniques and procedures.
At the end of this Unit of Study, students will: Operate common laboratory instrumentation; Know safety requirements for handling and processing biological specimens; Understand aspects of quality control and assurance in relation to laboratory results; Understand the use of reference ranges; Know the theory behind common diagnostic laboratory techniques; Communicate effectively to colleagues results of laboratory tests.

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5,000 word assignment and an oral presentation or equivalent.


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Students must have current registration with the NSW Veterinary Practitioners Board, Australia and must be admitted into a UVTH residency training program.

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