Medical and Applied Virology (VIRO3002)


This unit of study explores diseases in human caused by viruses, with focus on the way viruses infect individual patients and spread in the community, and how virus infections are diagnosed, treated and/or prevented. Host/Virus interactions will also be described with a focus on the viral mechanisms that have evolved to combat and/or evade host defence systems. These features will be used to explain the symptoms, spread and control of the most medically important viruses that cause serious disease in humans . The unit will be taught by the Discipline of Infectious Diseases and Immunology within the Sydney Medical School with the involvement of associated clinical and research experts who will contribute lectures on their own special interests and with contributions from the Discipline of Microbiology. In the practical classes students will have the opportunity to develop their skills in performing methods currently used in diagnostic and research laboratories such as molecular analysis of viral genomes, immunofluorescent staining of viral antigens, cell culture and the culture of viruses.

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Two 1-hour lectures per week and one 4-hour practical session per week. Practical session slots are also used for oral presentations.


One 2-hour exam covering lecture material, one 2-hour theory of practical exam, written assignment and oral presentation (100%)


Knipe and Howley. Fields Virology. 6th edition 2013. Available freely as an electronic resource from the University of Sydney library.

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[6cp from (BIOL1XXX, MBLGXXXX) and 6cp from (MICR2XXX, BCHM2XXX, BIOL2XXX, IMMU2XXX, PCOL2XXX, PHSI2XXX, GENE2XXX)] OR [ BMED2401 and BMED2404 and (6cp from BMED240X)] OR [GENE2002 and MICR2024] 

Assumed knowledge

Intermediate microbiology, immunology, molecular biology and genetics.



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Students are strongly encouraged to complete VIRO3001 or VIRO3901 before enrolling in VIRO3002.

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