Advanced Opera Performance Stage 2 (VSAO5624)


This unit continues to develop the primary communication tools of stagecraft, acting and movement as they apply to performing on the operatic stage. Continuing to survey the major schools of acting, this unit develops and refines methodologies and strategies for establishing expert stage skills in opera performance, building the performer's role as expert and confident communicator. Skills in movement and movement style are facilitated by separate classes in dance. The unit is application based, allowing students to experiment with implementation of critical theoretical ideas in a performing environment.

Much of the work of these courses is associated with rehearsal and performance of mainstage and chamber operas scheduled by SCM, in recognition of the crucial role these performances play in synthesizing the vocal, musical, linguistic, stylistic and dramatic threads undertaken in the Masters in Music Studies (Opera Performance).

These skills are complemented by separate lectures in Theatre Studies, which contextualises the practical work of Opera Performance Stage 1 and 2 regarding the vocabulary, traditions and processes of theatre as a discipline. NB: Students who have completed the Graduate Diploma (Opera) are exempt from Theatre Studies. All new Masters of Music Studies (Opera Performance) students are required to complete this component of the Unit of Study.

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Stagecraft 12x1 hr seminar/classes; Movement 12x1 hr classes; Theatre Studies 12x1 hr classes


Acting/Movement Practical Classes (50%); Reflective Journal (20%); Performance Assessment (30%)

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