Wildlife Health (WILD5003)


This unit of study provides an introduction to the health issues confronting wildlife in Australasia, an overview of the health status of that wildlife, and an understanding of both the investigation of health problems and the effective management of these. Issues in wildlife disease management are exemplified using a broad range of vertebrate species occupying different environments. Emphasis is placed on providing students with a coordinated and interdisciplinary approach to wildlife health, and on developing expertise in recognising and solving a broad range of health problems in field populations. There is also a focus on the use of molecular tools as diagnostic assays and for use in population management. The unit is taught intensively in a full-time week on the Camden campus (4-6 days) and the Sydney Campus (1day). The unit integrates lectures, practical work and supervised study, and offer students the opportunity to work through real-world wildlife conservation problems relevant to their individual backgrounds.

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August intensive: 6 days on the Camden campus, one day on the Sydney Campus. Please see the Wildlife Masters website for the date. (http://sydney.edu.au/vetscience/wildlife_masters/program/index.shtml).


The assessment of this unit occurs both in the full-time week and in individual written assignments done in the student's own time. The full-time week contributes (40%) of the total mark through a group project ending in a presentation to the class. The remaining (60%) comes from a written assignment of 5,000 word essay due 4 weeks after the end of class.


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