Ex Situ Wildlife Management (WILD5006)


Wildlife populations are under a variety of threats, most of which result from human activities. Modern conservation biology seeks practical solutions to these problems using a wide variety of options. These options may include captive breeding and re-introduction programs, provided that a range of biological, ethical and politico-economic issues are addressed. This unit of study provides students with the tools to evaluate the likely cost-effectiveness of such programs. It also develops knowledge of the technologies available to capture and translocate wildlife, and of the planning required to ensure the best possible chance of success. The unit is taught in a full-time week at Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, NSW. The unit integrates lectures, tutorials, practical work and site visits and offers students the opportunity to examine real problems in the conservation and management of threatened wildlife populations using relevant case studies.

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The Unit is taught in a full-time week in May at Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, NSW.


The assessment of this unit occurs both in the full-time week and in an individual written assignment done in the students' own time. The full-time week contributes (40%) of the total mark through a group presentation on the status in the wild and in captivity of a species in the Taronga Western Plains Zoo. The remaining (60%) comes from a written assignment of 5,000 words on a successful species survival plan that involves a significant ex situ component.


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