Foundations of Management (WORK2201)


This unit serves both as a stand-alone unit for students who wish to obtain an overview of management methods and approaches and as the basis of study for advanced and specialised undergraduate units listed in the Management major. It examines management as a process of planning, organising, leading and controlling the efforts of organisational members and discusses how recent trends such as globalisation, economic change and the effects of new technology have led to profound changes in how organisations are managed. It explores these issues with respect to both large and small, public and private, and domestic and foreign organisations.

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1x 2 hour lecture and 1x 1 hour tutorial hour per week


practice quiz (5%), main quiz (15%), group presentation & facilitation (15%), individual analysis & reflection (15%), tutorial participation (10%), final exam (40%)

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24 credit points of Junior units of study


WORK2001 or IREL2001

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This a compulsory unit of study for the Management major.

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