Vivid Path to the Future

Monday 25 - Sunday 31 May

Our beautiful campus will once again be transformed into a canvas of light, music and inspiring ideas during Vivid Path to the Future from 25 to 31 May. Bring your friends and family along to enjoy a spectacular light show, interactive installations, public talks, exhibitions and live music performances.

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VIVID Light: every night 6pm - midnight

Quadrangle light shows start at 6pm, 8pm, 10pm. (6pm only on Sunday 31 May).
Installations are open from 6pm - midnight.

Quadrangle Light Show

Our historic Quadrangle transforms into a spectacular projection show featuring the work of renowned visual artists and University staff and students.

Sea of Hands

This interactive installation will grow throughout the festival into one of Australia’s largest public artworks, bringing greater awareness to the issue of reconciliation.


Mirador is a stunning 3.5 metre high dome lighting installation. Designed by University architecture graduates Ivana Kuzmonovska and Rachel Couper.

21 Breaths

21 Breaths by Australian contemporary artist Joanne Handley, reflects upon Tibetan yogic practice. Neon bands ascending from red through violet representing the body’s seven chakras.

Machine Cells

Machine Cells is a projected light installation that brings together diabetes research, art and music through a collaboration project between our staff and students.


VIVID Music at the Seymour Centre

Musify + Gamify

Explores the interface between music and gaming through an interactive exhibition and live performances.

New Wave Sound

Intimate concerts by some of Australia’s leading new music artists.

VIVID Ideas: Curious minds alight

Our thought provoking public talks program Sydney Ideas has a line up of public talks.

26 May

The Future of Music: how interactive technologies are changing music experience

26 May

Hiroshi Sugimoto's inhuman photographs

27 May

The Obesity Epidemic: can design help?

8 May

Enlighten: our brightest minds reveal how light transforms your life

8 May

US Ambassador's innovation roundtable

29 May

I’m not racist…but

Join our Vivid Volunteer team

We are currently looking for excited and enthusiastic volunteers to assist in the smooth running of the event, with roles including roaming staff, information booth assistants and installation attendants.

Image credits:
Vivid Sydney at the University of Sydney 2014