Inside a student’s mind

Students’ needs

What do students look for when searching for accommodation? This will be the million dollar question in the attempt to secure a tenant for your property.

Students' needs vary depending on where they are from and what level of studies they are undertaking at the University. However, there are certain basic elements that are applicable across the board.

Students, like anyone else, require:

  • clean lodging
  • secure lodging

Cleanliness and security are of utmost importance in attracting potential tenants. Make sure the property that you are leasing is neat and tidy.

Students also prefer accommodation that is:

  • affordable
  • close to campus or
  • a short distance away from public transport.

Students commute to the University frequently, so location and proximity to public transport are important information to include in your listing.

Types of accommodation

The requirement for the varying types of accommodation differs depending on the student. Typically, share accommodation is preferred as it is one of the cheaper options available. Some students prefer to stay alone and to them the prospect of a 1-bedroom or a studio will be preferable. There are also international students who prefer full board or homestay options as they see it as a chance to absorb Australian culture and to improve their command of the English language. Keep these factors in mind when filling in the information required on the Accommodation Database.

As young adults, most students prefer to have their own bedroom unless they are sharing with good friends, siblings or couples. If you advertising generically to the student body at the university, we advise that you only advertise if you have a full room to offer.

Furnished and unfurnished accommodation is equally popular. When advertising on the Accommodation Database ensure you mention the furnishings that accompany the property.

Student Accommodation Services role

Student Accommodation Service will look over your listing to ensure that it is aligned with the Tenancy Act and Anti-Discrimination Legislation. We will not match students up with potential landlords, rather, we will direct students to the Accommodation Database and the students themselves will contact you should they have any enquiries.

We do not recommend a minimum or maximum rental amount. We advise that you research the surrounding areas to determine the acceptable rental amount. You may wish to refer to Domain or other rental sites for information on rent amounts.

We do not inspect your properties, we rely on the information you provide in your advertisement.

The nature of the rental market with university students is a cyclical one. There will be an increase of volume during semester commencement which is March and August each year. Typically students will start looking for accommodation a few months before the commencement of semester. There will be students looking for accommodation outside of this time but it will not be as busy as during semester commencement.