Practical guide to listing your property

1.Register as a provider

Listing your property in the Accommodation Database is straightforward and can be self-managed. Upon registration you will be provided with a username and password and with that, you will be able to list your property and make any changes as time goes on. All listings will be sent to Student Accommodation Services and an Accommodation Officer will verify the information and approve the listing, which will then be made available to all users.

2. New listing

After registering as a provider, you can proceed to create a new listing. This will give you the opportunity to include information about your property, the type of room available, the location of your property and the type of student you will welcome as a tenant.

Some of the fields are mandatory. Include as much information as you can as this will ensure your property comes up if the students are searching using keywords. Familiarise yourself with the terminology that is commonly used to describe properties.

Be specific in your descriptions as this will ensure your listing stands out. Please note that language and tone used must adhere to anti-discrimination legislation.

3. Multiple rooms/properties

You can list multiple rooms in the same listing. You will be able to add separate details for additional bedrooms however you can only put in one rent price per week. If the rent rates are different for the different rooms, include the information on the description section. Each bedroom in the listing has to belong to the same residential address.

If you have multiple properties, you will have to create separate listings for each of them.

4. Bonds and rental agreements

You have the choice to ask for a rental bond from the student. If you do require a bond, by law, you will have to lodge the bond with NSW Fair Trading. Refer to information on Being a Landlord for details on your duties as landlord.

Please also refer to the University’s Term & Conditions for providers.

5. Update previous listing

You can always update your listing at any time if you need to amend the advertised information. You will need your username and password to log in to your account.

Listings expire after four weeks but can't be deleted before this time, so we recommend that you update your listing to keep it current. You can select ‘no’ under the question “Is this room available?” once the room is filled.

All amendments will be reviewed by the Accommodations Officer before being published.

6. Submit your listing

You will have to submit your listing in order for an Accommodation Officer to review and approve it. After saving the information, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on ‘Submit Listing for Approval’.

Your listing will then be received by Student Accommodation Services and will be reviewed. It typically takes 24 hours (48 hours if submitting over the weekend) for a listing to be reviewed and approved. If the Accommodation Officer has any queries about the information you will be contacted via email.

7. Enquiries from students

It is very likely that after you have successfully listed your property you will receive enquiries from students. We recommend that before you organise a time for viewing that you ask them questions about themselves to ensure they are a good fit. You may also wish to reiterate what you look for in a tenant in case they missed reading it in your listing.

It may be a good idea to have a list of questions prepared for when students ring with enquiries. Be clear with what you are offering, this way students know what to expect and you won’t waste time meeting applicants that aren’t suitable.

8. Ongoing management of your listing

Once you’re successful in securing a tenant, you will have to deactivate your listing on the Accommodations Database. This can be done by going into your listing and selecting ‘no’ under the question 'Is this room available?'

After 4 weeks of inactivity, all listings will expire. You will receive a reminder email informing on the impending expiry; use this opportunity to log in to the Accommodation Database and update your listing. Don’t forget to submit the listing for approval.

If your listing is still on the Accommodation Database after 4 weeks, you may wish to revise your listing to better appeal to potential residents.