Check-in and check-out information

Check-in information

Residents will have to check in at the Student Accommodation Services before heading to their accommodation. Upon check in, you'll receive your keys and will be provided with the necessary terms and conditions and licensing agreement you have to abide by. This will also be an opportunity to meet your fellow residents and the Resident Advisors.

Check ins are done every day for a two-week period during the main intakes of Semester 1 and Semester 2. You will be provided with the dates and relevant times upon receipt of your offer.

Check-out information

The day of check out is stipulated in the letter of offer that you receive. You will have to return your key to Student Accommodation Service or, if it is outside office hours, to the Resident Advisor on duty. We will then undertake a house inspection to ensure that there are no damages before the bond is returned.

You can leave before the expiry of the contract; as per the licensing agreement, but you need to pay a $300 fee to break the contract. Please contact to let us know the date that you’re intending to move out.