Student Accommodation Services is committed to a fair and respectful treatment of all its residents.

Residents are required to conduct themselves in accordance with the values and aims of the University and all applicable laws. Student Accommodation Services is bound by the University’s policies:

Procedures for grievances

If a resident experiences grievance with a fellow resident, staff or a breach of the University’s regulations, they can lodge a report with the Student Accommodation Services.

Step 1: Residents can approach the Accommodation Officer to discuss the matter. The Accommodation Officer will then attempt to resolve the issue with the relevant resident. If the matter concerns an Accommodation Officer, the resident can report the matter directly to the Student Programs & Development Officer.

Step 2: If the matter is not resolved in step 1, the matter will be reported to the Student Programs & Development Officer (SPDO). The SPDO will meet with the resident involved and if required, will facilitate a discussion between the resident complaining and the resident concerned and attempt to mediate between the parties. If the matter was reported in confidence, the discussion between both parties will not take place.

The SPDO will attempt to resolve the matter at this stage – resolution may include a verbal warning, formal written warning, relocation or eviction.

This step may also include a decision for a formal investigation to take place. This will require a written account of the complaint/incident.

Step 3: If the matter is not resolved in step 2, or if it is a repeat offence, or at the discretion of the Head of Student Accommodation Service, a formal investigation may take place. Parties will be informed in the event of a formal investigation.

Step 4: Residents have the right to appeal the decision. Appeals will be made to the Head of Student Accommodation Service.