Terms and conditions of database use

The Accommodation Database is governed by terms and conditions. In registering to access the database, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  1. An offer of accommodation carries no statement of endorsement by the University.
  2. The University makes no guarantee that a student will find suitable accommodation by using the accommodation database to search for accommodation.
  3. The University does not match students with any accommodation listed on the accommodation database.
  4. The information provided on the accommodation database is compiled in good faith, and is intended as a guide only. The University does not inspect the properties listed in the database, and students should treat information on the basis that it has been volunteered by accommodation providers who may be the proprietors, their agents, or others.
  5. The University accepts no responsibility for the quality or suitability of the accommodation listed, and it is the responsibility of students to satisfy themselves that the accommodation and amenities are suitable for their intended use.
  6. The University in no way guarantees the suitability of co-tenants, landlords or any other relationship formed or found through the accommodation database, and will accept no liability or responsibility for any such interactions.
  7. Personal information that has been collected about students as part of this process will be dealt with in accordance with the University Privacy Policy.