Homestays can involve staying with a family, couple or a single person in their home. The costs vary and rooms may either be fully furnished, partly furnished or not furnished at all. They may also include full-board (accommodation and food provided), part-board (typically only accommodation provided) or rent and board in exchange (means you do some household duties whilst staying in the room).

We have teamed up with the Australian Homestay Network for temporary accommodation for new international students. These homestays are typically available for between 2 to 4 weeks following your arrival in Sydney however, should you wish, you may arrange to extend the homestay after the initial period.

With AHN, students are matched by a fully trained AHN Supervisor with a suitable AHN Homestay Host according to the needs of the student and education provider location.

Australian Homestay Network

AHN Homestay Hosts are trained to assist international students:

  • settle into their new community
  • understand the basics of Australian culture
  • gain everyday conversational skills
  • learn the basics such as buying transport tickets
  • Get to grips with banking, internet, mobile phones and personal safety
  • learn frequently used English and ‘Aussie’ words and phrases.

With the Australian Home Stay Network, students will be provided with:

  • a clean furnished room (this includes items like a bed, desk, wardrobe, chair and a study lamp)
  • a supportive family environment and home to live in
  • meals (as specified) and accommodation (including utilities)
  • ongoing Homestay host and student support
  • AHN 24/7 professional phone support
  • AHN contents insurance for students and hosts as per AHN Insurance Policy
  • bathroom and laundry facilities

Other homestay options

Name Contact
Auzzie Families

T: +61 2 9301 0900


Global Experience

T: +61 2 9264 4022


Homestay Network

T: +61 2 9498 4400


Oz Homestay

T: +61 2 8765 9063


Stay DownUnder

T: +61 2 8901 4499


Study Vision

T: +61 2 9669 5225