Rate the rooms: have your say on new student accommodation

Rate the Rooms

The University is developing more affordable student housing. The Rate the Rooms Accommodation Pods have been on display for the last three weeks on Eastern Avenue.

Thank you to all students, staff and visitors who voiced their opinions on the design features of the accommodation pods. Have a read of the FAQs below to find out more about what the University is doing in the near future for student accommodation.



The Meccano room offers students flexibility to reshape and rearrange the room with ease. This is made possible by the movable shelves and hangers, which can be repositioned anywhere along the walls at any height. The bed in the Meccano room conveniently feature drawers that hide underneath.



The Pod room maximises the space by having the bed perched above the study desk. This layout is efficient, practical and also creates a cosy sleeping area with storage space at both the head and foot of the bed.



As the name suggests, the Bunk’d room is a twin share room. A bunk bed ensures the best use of the room’s space, while a long and large study desk spans the entire side of the opposite wall providing generous space for two studious students.

Fold Down


Convert your living space into a sleeping space with a simple fold down. This room offers hybridity of space, and options for how students will use their space. It comes with ample study space and a large wardrobe.

King Loft


The King Loft room features a bed raised two metres above the floor – like a true loft – allowing students to walk right under the bed, without needing to duck their heads, where the study and living quarters are situated.


Affordable student housing

  1. What’s happening with student accommodation?
    The University has identified a demand for more student accommodation in the University’s Student Accommodation Strategy, and has started to undertake work to deliver over 4000 beds in the next three to five years.
  2. What is the University doing to provide more student accommodation?
    The University is currently working in several areas to meet this affordable housing demand. In the first instance, the University will provide a mix of dormitory and single unit style accommodation. As the program rolls out the mix, style and look of the accommodation will be investigated as more projects come on line.
  3. Has any work started to take place?
    Yes, several new projects are already underway and are expected to open from 2015.
  4. How much will it cost to stay at these new accommodation options?
    The projects are undertaken with key aims of ensuring affordability to meet the increasing demands for affordable student housing.
  5. Why are these projects significant for students?
    The median weekly rental price for houses or apartments in the areas surrounding Sydney University is $550. Given the high cost of living, most students opt for shared accommodation, which can still cost up to $350 – $400 per week. In addition to the current options of University-owned housing, the University’s new student accommodation projects will provide a variety of affordable housing options for students, while maintaining the convenience of living near the University.
  6. What are the new accommodation projects?
    The following projects are already underway:
  • Queen Mary Building: The University recently purchased the Queen Mary Building (QMB), located in Grose Street in Camperdown, to be converted into a dormitory style accommodation over 13 levels. The QMB will provide 788 beds for students and will include facilities such as a Co-op bookshop, laundry, gym, rooftop lounges, common lounges, games rooms, TV rooms, meeting rooms and a theatre.
  • Sydney University Regiment: This project is currently in its early stages of design, and is projected to provide 450 beds in studio and dormitory style accommodation for students.
  • Abercrombie Student Accommodation: This project is currently under stages of review and is planned to provide 200 beds as a studio style facility.
  • St Michael’s: While this accommodation is being provided by an external provider, the University has signed agreements to ensure that the University of Sydney secures 80% of the beds for their students.

'Rate the Rooms' Survey

The survey is now closed. The judging date is on 27 September 2013 and winners will be notified by email on 11 October 2013.

Competition Title Rate the Rooms Survey
How to enter Participants must, during the promotional period:
    1. Follow the link on the Rate the Rooms webpage inviting participants to complete the Rate the Rooms Survey (‘Survey’)
    2. Complete the online Survey
    3. Answer the question “In 25 words or less, tell us one feature you really want to see being built or incorporated into student accommodation. You can be as creative and innovative as you wish.” and
    4. Submit the Survey electronically.

Winner(s) will be awarded the following prize(s):

1st prize: 16GB iPad Mini, valued at $369

2nd prize: 16GB iPad Mini, valued at $369

3rd prize: Co-op Bookshop Voucher, valued at $50

4th prize: Co-op Bookshop Voucher, valued at $50

5th prize: Co-op Bookshop Voucher, valued at $50

6th prize: Co-op Bookshop Voucher, valued at $50

7th prize: Co-op Bookshop Voucher, valued at $50
Competition Period The competition commences at 4pm AEST on 29 August 2013 and entries must be submitted to the Promoter no later than 5pm AEST on 20 September 2013.
Who may enter

Entry is only open to persons who, during the Competition Period, are currently enrolled students of the Promoter.

The following persons are ineligible to enter the competition: employees and their immediate families of the University, or agencies or companies associated with this Competition.
Maximum number of entries per individual entrant 1 entry per individual entrant
Additional entry instructions Entries must be submitted electronically and received by 5pm AEST on Friday 20 September 2013.
Judging process The prize winners will be selected by staff at the University of Sydney who, at their discretion, will select the best entry to the question ‘In 25 words or less, tell us one feature you really want to see being built or incorporated into student accommodation. You can be as creative and innovative as you wish.’
Judging criteria Originality and creativity
Judging date 27 September 2013
Prize winner notification Prize winners will be notified by email by 11 October 2013. 
Claiming the prize Prizes can be claimed from Student Support Services, if photo ID and prize winning email is provided on request.
Special conditions
  1. Entrants agree to, at the Promoter’s request, participate in reasonable promotional activity surrounding the Competition or the winning of any prize, free of charge, and they consent to the Promoter and its related bodies corporate using their name and image in promotional material. Without limitation, entrants consent to being broadcast, filmed, photographed or otherwise recorded without compensation while participating in this competition, or in taking or using any prize, and they consent to the Promoter repeating any such broadcast, film or other recording at any time.
  2. Entrants consent to the disclosure of their information (including their entry) to third parties for such purposes and grant to the Promoter, its successors and affiliates, a free, non-exclusive, worldwide, sublicenseable, perpetual and irrevocable licence to use, reproduce, distribute, adapt, publish, broadcast communicate and perform their entry, in whole or in part for any purpose including the Competition.