Rental accommodation

There are several things to do before you decide where to rent. Ensure you thoroughly research the suburbs around the campus. There are several suburbs that are walking distance to the campus or a short bus ride away. Check out Google maps and identify the exact location of the accommodation. Check if it is a near train station or a bus stop.

Make sure you inspect the house personally before agreeing to enter into a rental agreement. The room that you’re staying in should always have a window – ensure that the window can be secured. Ask the landlord or rental agency what is included in the rent. For example,

  • Are utilities included?
  • Is there internet access?
  • Can you have friends over?
  • Is there sufficient light in the room? (Important if you're planning on studying in the room)

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Work out a budget for rent and stick to it. The rental market is quite competitive, and the closer to the University you wish to stay, the more expensive it may be. At the beginning of your rental agreement, you may be required to pay a bond which will be equivalent to 4 weeks rent. The bond payment will depend on the type of rental agreement and may vary. You should get acknowledgement of the bond payment in writing. You may also need to pay for a new internet connection, utilities and purchase or rent furniture.

Redfern Legal Centre has put together a comprehensive Share Housing Survival Guide. The information in the guide includes details on how to move in, looking for a housemate, living in a share house and the associated legalities.

The University has an Accommodation Database that you can use to search for a share house. This service is available for currently enrolled students. If you have received an offer letter but have not yet enrolled and wish to use the database, come to Accommodation Services (in the Jane Foss Russell building) with your offer letter, and use one of our computers to search for accommodation.

Estimated rental costs

Use the Study in Australia website to find out about living costs here.

Setting up your home

The below table may help you in acquiring furniture for your new home. Keep an eye out for garage sales around the area, you may find some good bargains!

Name Contact
PABS Furniture Rental

T: 1800 201 020

PHD Rentals

T: 1800 682 535

E: online enquiry form

Renta Centre Broadway

T: 1300 300 039


Salvation Army (Salvos stores) Located in Darlinghurst, Glebe and Rozelle. You can find your closest store here.
St Vincent de Paul Society (Vinnies centres) Located in Glebe, Lidcombe, Newtown, Redfern and Rozelle. Find your closest store.
Valiant Hire

T: +61 2 9690 4000


Please note that the above are not endorsements by Student Accommodation Services.