CAPStivate is a quarterly digital magazine written by the CAPS staff and dedicated to providing stories, advice and inspiration about how you can make the most out of university life. With a focus on student health and well-being, CAPStivate provides helpful and timely information for University of Sydney students. Be inspired, empowered and informed with each issue of CAPStivate.

Current Issue - Edition 3

CAPStivate Issue 3 Cover

Issue 3, August 2014

In this issue you can learn about:

- Your guide to fighting fair in relationships
- The path to gratitude
- Cheap and fun adventures in Sydney
- Functional fitness: A realistic plan for keeping fit this semester
- Four free exercise apps to see you through the winter

You will also find easy and affordable recipes, competitions and challenges, brain workouts and answer to common questions about health and well-being.

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Disclaimer: If you have any immediate mental health issues then please contact CAPS to arrange to see a counsellor. Or phone 000 in the case on an emergency.