Information for staff

Faculty staff, parents or friends may be among the first to notice when a student is having difficulty coping with the many stressors in their life. The information on this page can help you to assist students.

Who to contact in an emergency

During office hours:
If you require immediate and urgent assistance then call Emergency Services (000) for police, ambulance or fire brigade. In the event of presentations such as a suicide threat or threat of violence contact Campus Security (9351 3333). Campus security will then involve services such as CAPS as part of an emergency protocol.

In situations where you would like advice on how to handle student issues, call CAPS and ask to speak with the Head or Seniors.

Outside office hours:
Consider whether to call 000 for police or ambulance and/or call University Security on 9351 3333.

Helpful actions

1. Assist with referral to counseling at CAPS:

  • Ask the student if they are willing to speak with anyone else about their issue.
  • Suggest talking to a counsellor to learn new coping strategies.
  • Offer to make the call to CAPS or allow the student to use your phone to organise an appointment (8627 8433 or 8627 8437).
  • If you are concerned about the student’s safety or the student is very distressed, call CAPS (contact Security [9351 3333] if you cannot make immediate contact with CAPS and ask Security to contact the Head of CAPS on mobile to organise assistance).
  • Refer the student to our ‘Get Help’ page in the meantime if there is no immediate risk.

2. Arrange a CAPS staff consultation to get advice on managing complex student issues. Information can also be provided about other sources of assistance on campus and in the community.

Additional resources

After hours assistance:
NSW Mental Health Access Line: 1800 011 511
Lifeline: 131 114
Camperdown Community Mental Health Team: 9515 9000
Security Service: 9351 3487

If you have witnessed or participated in an emergency or critical event on campus, please see Crisis information.