Getting organised

Getting organised is something that we all know is important for university success. We’ve offered you some of our tips inside your Personal Development Plan, but it seems you’d like some help creating your own.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to being disorganised, stressed and/or handing assignments in late. These can include procrastination, poor time management skills and/or lifestyle factors. Below you will find very practical strategies to address each of these factors in turn to get yourself well organised for university success and beyond.


Learn to recognise your procrastination excuses and make a commitment to getting your stuff done instead.

Quick Tips

Download these 10 quick tips to improve your time management skills.


Prefer a taste test? Join CAPS for our Procrastination and Time Management workshops each semester.


The CAPS ebooks are a series of multimedia electronic books with psychological strategies created by us just for you! Check out the ones below to help you get organised and manage procrastination.